Financial Services

Financial Services

Modern IT infrastructure powers growth and transformation for leading capital market services provider

Solution Overview

Our customer is in the financial vertical helping customers in the capital markets manage their hedge funds and private equity through their services. As this is an industry dealing with highly confidential and sensitive customer data, comprehensive end point security is a mandatory requirement. Managing end user workstations for routine but critical tasks such as asset inventory, application deployment, patch management and OS deployment was presenting a challenge, with the explosion of the devices across geographically dispersed locations. The IT department was pounded by innumerable helpdesk calls, especially for trivial tasks such as resetting passwords. Internal IT was also facing challenges in controlling data leakages. With ransomware and zero-day attacks doing the rounds, it was essential to plug all holes so that the business continues uninterrupted and confidential client data was secure. They were looking for a comprehensive solution that could address all these challenges and meet their key business requirements.

Quadra at work

Quadra has been a trusted partner to this customer for long years and had gained their confidence in providing business focused solutions. Among the various options we showcased was a managed public cloud SaaS service, that would help manage and secure data and devices end to end. This found favor with our customer, as it offered them the best balance between a rich feature set, extensive manageability, security, while still being budget friendly. Our team immediately set up a proof of concept to enable them to explore the capabilities of the solution. Once it met with IT and management approval, we set about building a comprehensive deployment plan.

Our technical team implemented an enterprise class, cloud-based directory service, which would enable them to seamlessly manage their on-premise as well as cloud-based resources. We also deployed an systems and network management solution on-premises to manage their IT asset inventory as well as application, patch and OS management. We also deployed remote management tools to ease the accessibility of devices from any location. Our team also configured self-service password reset so that users can reset their password by their own, enhancing end user productivity, while not compromising on security. Our consultants also enabled password write back to ensure that on-premises and cloud-based resource passwords were always in sync. They added another layer of security by enabling encryption and rights management to protect their critical documents end emails.  With conditional access policies, they restricted users from accessing data from outside the corporate network and from un-enrolled devices.

Business Benefits

With the hybrid solution, managing the workstations has become simple and easy for the IT team, while helping the end users to stay up-to-date on security patches. Now, users can reset their password themselves by answering a few security questions, thus reducing dependency on the helpdesk team. IT operation costs have been significantly reduced. Single sign on has freed users from the hassle of remembering multiple credentials. Persistent protection for critical documents has ensured that they are always protected, at rest and during transit. AI and ML driven advanced threat protection now protects the users and data from zero-day attacks. One of the most telling benefits has been the enhanced end user productivity, through unhindered access to data and resources, while not compromising on security and compliance.

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