Application Development

Application Development

Move to a SaaS model powers customer acquisition and rapid growth for application software developer

Solution Background

Our customer, a software developer, had developed a robust laboratory management system. The software helps hospitals access and use real time lab information to serve their patients better. Given that the lab is the vital diagnostic arm of any hospital, it was an extremely critical application once live. It needed to be up and running without downtime. It also had to provide a great user experience with little or no latency at their end. The database must be accessible to relevant people, yet secure from unauthorized access, as it involved sensitive patient data. This required implementation of secure access policies. While security was paramount, it must not be at the cost of performance. Laboratories traditionally hosted this system in local datacenters that were at the mercy of the ISPs. Accessing the app from other locations posed huge challenges. Business down scenarios brought immeasurable loss to the clients. Our customer’s reputation, goodwill and trust were eroding fast. They needed a reliable platform for development, testing and deployment. Reengineering of software required an environment that provided freedom to provision and shutdown infrastructure at will. Once they decided on a reliable platform, they would deliver their software as a service.

Quadra at work

Our customer had seen the success of such a deployment in the cloud for one of their clients. Quadra had played a significant role to the client by providing their services. So, they approached us with a view to help transition their software to a cloud based SaaS model. They would deploy the software on a cloud infrastructure for their clients. Clients would then subscribe to their service. Our engineers pointed them to a tried and tested cloud service, again one of the top public cloud providers in the world. This would provide them with reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure. It was proposed to use SQL as their database of choice. They would reengineer and brand their white-labelled software and deploy it there. It required application modernization to suit a cloud delivery model. Post these changes, the software was ready for deployment as a service. We added secure access to the service. Unauthorized users could not access sensitive information. The public cloud provider also provided them an elaborate software development platform. They could perform R & D without worrying about infrastructure availability, and  implementing DevOps enabled them to improve reliability and end user experience.

Business Benefits

Until our engagement, our customer was following the traditional software product selling model. Their product had limited reach. With the move to the cloud, they became a Software as a Service provider. They could now sell to a global clientele, without being fettered by scalability or geographical constraints. Clients could now access the software using a data card at even slow speeds, removing the need to depend on a fixed ISP. The SaaS model has enabled our client to expand their user base at a fast pace. SQL provided the a powerful, secure system for storing sensitive data. With granular policies and permissions, access to data was restricted to only authorized people, minimizing the chances of data loss or leakage. Data backup and restore was also available at arm’s length on the cloud. There was huge decrease in the cost of software development, enabling rapid release cycles and higher profitability. The pay-for-what-you-use model saved them a lot of wasteful expenditure. Our customer is set to grow their business faster than ever, with their move to a SaaS model being a turning point in their business trajectory.

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