Multi-billion-dollar enterprise, and India’s most trusted two-wheeler manufacturer leverages public cloud to save costs and propel digital transformation

Solution Overview

A household name in India, and one of the most trusted brands in the country, our customer, a leading manufacturer of motorcycles was grappling with a problem of plenty. Fast growing revenues and a rapidly expanding employee base meant that their on-premise IT infrastructure was being stretched to its limits. With a headcount in several thousands of users, their internal IT was struggling to keep pace with the high volume of mail traffic. Moreover, as users started relying more and more on email as their primary communication mechanism, their current mailbox quotas were vanishing fast. With operations spread across every corner of the country, geographically distributed users created more manageability burden for their IT team.

When they explored the option of expanding and upgrading their on-premise infrastructure, the cost outlay was extremely high. Even inspite of this huge planned investment, there was no guarantee that this infrastructure would last long. Further, with operations outside India, in countries like Singapore, they had to stay compliant with local data residency laws, which meant that they would have to make multiple datacenter investments – an even bigger burden. An ideal solution would have to accommodate these disparate needs, while staying under budget.

Quadra at work

Quadra’s experienced consultants, having studied their business needs in detail, proposed an IaaS based solution, that would also allow them to choose specific datacenters across the globe meet their data residency requirements. With highly flexible pricing options, they would also incur far lesser opex costs in contrast to the prohibitive capex costs in their erstwhile model. While they were not yet ready to make the jump to a fully managed SaaS infrastructure, our team elucidated the business value in adopting a public cloud IaaS solution to serve as the core infrastructure for their upgraded email server. We created a comprehensive business and technical justification for the proposed architecture. Once this received management approval, our infrastructure team created the resource pools in the public cloud IaaS, along with a site to site VPN to their local datacenter for secure data flow.

We implemented a highly available, redundant architecture for their enterprise email server, along with additional domain controllers. A reliable and scalable backup and recovery solution was also implemented to enable granular backup and recovery for their email data. Load balancers ensure that resources were optimally used during heavy traffic conditions.

Business Benefits

We were able to deliver the best of both worlds to our customer – balancing their needs for secure, controlled access to data, while at the same time helping them to take advantage of inherent cost savings, reliability and scale of the public cloud. The costs savings have been in crores of rupees, even as they gained in terms of performance and reliability. Downtime and security risks were reduced to virtually nil. We were also able to satisfy their unique needs for data residency for their overseas operations.

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