Niche ecom portal reaps rich dividends with move to a highly scalable cloud infrastructure

Solution Background

Our Customer is a rapidly growing eCommerce player with a difference. They bring exclusive native products from the best in the market direct to home. They offer an elite marketplace platform for native sellers, and aim to bring back the age-old traditional products to consumers. Exclusive food, fashion and home-needs from Tamil Nadu are available on a web app. Our customer was seeing rapid growth in the number of consumers, but as their user base grew in the thousands, their IT infrastructure was not large enough to take the load. The traffic surged on special offer days, holidays and festivals. The load on the app server was unpredictable. Non-availability of the app resulted in loss of business and trust. The customer could not afford a breakdown in a highly competitive market, and even a few minutes of downtime could lead to lost orders and erosion of customer trust. Investing in traditional, on-premises IT would entail several lakhs of upfront investment, and this was something a fast growing startup could not afford. With application usage varying tremendously across time of the day or month, on-premise investments would be redundant, as well as an ineffective use of their working capital. With rich imagery in the web application, the application needed to store a large amount of static images.

Quadra at work

The customer was looking for a reputed infrastructure service provider who could ably advise them on their IT roadmap. A public cloud platform would be the best choice. It would contain all the components that they needed. The customer consulted Quadra, their long-trusted technology partner. Our technical team sat with their DevOps resources to discuss the desired course. After a few meetings, the customer chose one of the top public cloud providers as the best fit. We deployed the web app on an elastic instance. The opensource OS was a cost saving option for them. We accommodated the images in the low-cost secure storage system. We made use of an RDS instance to record transaction data. A payment gateway offered by the service provider took care of financial transactions. It would add confidence to the customers to do business online. Before going live, we set up a proof of concept of the solution. It was an essential step to build confidence in the customer. Quadra’s engineers set up the whole solution in a short amount of time. The web app on the public cloud was a turning point for the customer. They were ready for a rich harvest during the festive season that was fast approaching.

Business Benefits

The eCommerce solution on the trusted cloud brought in the desired results. The customer could now focus on the app rather than wasting their time on infrastructure. The web app was always up and running ensuring that the customers had access to it all the time. Frequent backing up of data was not needed anymore. The transaction data was available for real time business analysis. The unpredictable traffic on the website and the variable load are no more a matter of concern, as the scaling up and down of the infrastructure was automatic. The secure payment gateway was an added benefit for the customer. Above all, the upfront investment of a huge amount was offset by the cloud model. It spared them this money which they can now spend on growing their business. As their trusted advisor, Quadra had risen to the occasion to deliver on a technology solution that delivered business value. Profits are set to grow as festival seasons send people in a shopping spree, and traditional goods being in great demand, setting the stage for our customer to capitalize and grow their business.

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