Online replication enables real time dashboard, boosts profits

Business Challenges

A leading retail powerhouse, faced with rapid expansion in business across multiple locations, wanted a real time view of sales and inventory to provide accurate and timely information that would help it to forecast sales, plan for purchases and analyze customer buying patterns to enable customer satisfaction and profits in a highly competitive and price sensitive business environment. They were faced with several challenges : hundreds of invoices would be generated every hour from a home grown billing application, across several sales and stocking locations connected by expensive WAN links. Could Quadra provide a cost effective, scalable and reliable database infrastructure that could meet these challenges, and yet work seamlessly with their existing home grown application?

Quadra at work

Our delivery team innovated by architecting a robust database platform, on a combination of Unix and Windows infrastructure : Unix at the central datacenter to provide scalability and Windows at the branch locations. We were able to leverage our experience in working with heterogeneous platforms to provide a reliable and manageable, yet affordable infrastructure. This combination ensured that the customer had the best of both worlds, while optimizing on cost and maintenance.

With inputs and guidance from our delivery team, the customer's internal IT team was able to make minimal changes to their existing retail application so that it integrated with the new database architecture.  This consisted of multiple databases across various locations, configured for online replication. We also setup and configured an integrated data protection strategy that would keep the system available at all times.

Business Benefits

The management now had a a real time dashboard of sales and stock figures at the central location. Access to real time information empowered them to forecast sales and buying patterns, giving it a crucial advantage in a competitive market. Buoyed by the success of the solution, the customer also extended it to their other retail divisions, apart from being able to power more new branches. We were thus able to demonstrate significant business value and RoI on their IT investment by combining a sound understanding of their business model and IT expertise, chalking up yet another delighted customer experience.

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