Optimized WAN solution helps innovative prototype solution provider to provide a rich experience to Fortune 500 clients

Solution Background

With origins in Europe and presence in multiple locations across the globe, including India, our customer had built a solid reputation in the production of prototypes across multiple engineering materials. This required a close collaborative experience between their offices in India and Europe, and a seamless exchange and synchronization of large CAD/CAM files between the two locations. Their current connectivity solution was struggling to provide a good user experience and was affecting the quality and pace of execution.

Quadra at work

As our team worked to understand their business needs, it become apparent that any downtime would be detrimental to their operations, and would cause significant productivity losses. An ideal solution would have to be redundant, with automatic failover and fall back. Based on our assessment, Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN was the best choice for their needs. It would provide them integrated branch networking with SD-WAN technology, making for increased WAN throughput and reliability, while improving the application experience. Being software defined, we could tweak parameters to ensure a scalable, reliable and cloud-ready deployment. By measuring latency, jitter and loss, a map of the network underlay could be created, helping to direct each application through the best path in the network. We also reduced network footprint with integrated routing and WAN optimization.

We combined their existing 3 ISP links in India into a single IPSEC link with built in failover capability. Link aggregation also helped to pool bandwidth, making for increased performance and throughput. A logical virtual path ensured that applications could work seamlessly without any glitches. They could get high performance connectivity by using commercial grade internet services, as opposed to using an expensive dedicated WAN link Business continuity was assured with seamless failover, and there was real time visibility into application delivery, enabling us to proactively manage the end-user experience. The ability to apply default or user defined rules ensured that the customer could prioritize applications based on business needs.

Business Benefits

Intelligent routing and optimization ensured that application lags and sync issues were virtually eliminated, making way for a rich end user experience. The solution boosted application performance and eliminated downtime due to link failures or even delays due to manual failover. Our customer could get now get MPLS-level quality and reliability at a fraction of the cost. Critical and large data files, typical of their CAD/CAM workload could be synced with ease across geographies, enabling a close collaborative experience between their workforce, contributing to faster turnaround times and happy, delighted customers.

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