IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

Powering secure and compliant growth for a global solution provider to Fortune 500 companies

Solution overview

Our customer is a provider of end-to-end global capability services from design and set-up consulting to talent, infrastructure, and business support services assuring enterprise integration and operational excellence. They have established more than eighty such centers across industries including retail, CPG, banking, travel, education, healthcare, and media. While they were already using a cloud-based productivity platform, they were looking to upgrade their security and compliance infrastructure, as well as to accommodate secure and flexible hybrid work. Their clients also had specific requirements on business compliance, which needed to be met. They wanted to enforce a formal access authorization process based on‘least privilege access' to grant employees the least access possible to the company information. They wanted to set up a strict policy around the user passwords. They wanted to prevent sensitive information being transferred to external recipients.

Quadra at work

To begin with, our Cloud Productivity team delivered a structured workshop to help understand and document their security and compliance needs. The findings from this workshop helped us to draft a customized solution recommendation that was in sync with their business needs. We recommended a holistic security and compliance platform that would integrate well with their existing infrastructure. To help the customer gain confidence in the proposed solution, and to ensure that all stakeholder requirements were met, our consultants delivered a proof of-concept which helped them to secure email, detect threats as well as investigate and respond in real time. We also showcased data loss prevention and how various cloud based apps could be secured. We demonstrated how privileged identity management could be used to minimize insider risk. Security monitoring was carried out using built-in components of the proposed solution. We also provided overview on Insider Risk Management, Insider Risk Analytics and Identity Governance – Access life cycle management. Securing user identities is critical to a holistic security solution, and the PoC helped the customer's IT and security teams to understand how they could effectively manage it. With a comprehensive PoC, we could seamlessly transition to a production roll out that was quick, on time and within budget.

Business benefits realized

Our customer could leverage the benefits of an integrated cloud security and compliance solution, instead of having to invest in point solutions that would add to cost and complexity, as well as being extremely difficult to manage. With privileged user management, they could minimize insider risk and data loss due to inadvertent end user lapses. An integrated web security solution provided a layered defense mechanism. The new solution also helped them to monitor systems and networks for security events and identify new threats. Hardware based secure certificate management added another dimension of protection. Sharing of information could now be monitored, controlled and assessed through information classification and protection. Granular compliance reports enabled the customer to track and stay within applicable rules and regulations. Above all, being a single, integrated system meant that they could leverage the collective intelligence of all the security and threat Intel data to manage and monitor their security threat landscape. Cost and complexity were brought under control, while security was greatly enhanced.

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