Protecting applications and data for 70,000+ users in one of India's largest private sector banks

Solution overview

Headquartered in India's finance and commerce capital, our customer is a leading private sector bank providing financial services to large and mid-size companies, SMEs and retail businesses for decades. With more than seventy thousand users in the system, they needed an all-in-one solution that would meet their need to deliver their sensitive applications to even the mobile devices. It was critical to secure the app data, and protect it from leakage or theft, while always remaining under the control of the bank's designated personnel. Even though they had implemented solutions like a firewall and some proxies to secure the edge, the endpoints were not protected, paving way for shadow IT and abuse of internal data generated by the system. Due to various data storage and compliance policies in place, the BFSI vertical has been more cautious than other industry segments to fully embrace the cloud. However, the enormous scale of this vertical – in terms of users, data volume, architecture, number of applications and regulatory overheads mean that the cloud is precisely the solution that can provide them the benefits they need without further adding to their already high IT and security team workloads.

Quadra at work

With our extensive experience in working with BFSI customers, ourteams were well prepared to understand their business needs. We helped them to allay concerns over adoption ofthe public cloud fortheir security and compliance needs and helped convince them how leveraging SaaS solutions would help them meet their business needs in ascalable and cost-effective manner. We implemented mobile app management and endpoint management to secure their line of business applications. This was achieved by wrapping their LOB apps with a SaaS security andcompliance solution and integrating their app authentication.We also deployed cloud security brokers to block shadow ITand unauthorised SaaS applications that could severely impact their data and security posture. We imported snapshot reports to provide visibility on traffic logs from firewall and proxy and helped to monitor the device usage environment. We also integrated their current applications, firewalls and proxies so that they could gain a unified view of the threats in their environment.

Business benefits realized

With a comprehensive security solution in place, we could increase our customer's preparedness against any known and unknown attacks. This is all the more critical as they deal with confidential customer and financial data, day in and day out – for millions of end customers. User identity, data security, app security and device security are all in place for the bank's employees to function with freedom from even remote locations. This gave them an edge over their competitors as they can operate with greater flexibility and focus more on their end customer experience. Their IT department now has complete control over the apps that the users install in their devices. Advanced encryption technology secures their data from hackers as well as inadvertent data loss scenarios. Storage in all employee devices is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that a lost device does not equate to lost data. Through a sharp reduction in their IT security and compliance workloads, as well as through increased preparedness and heightened security, we have been able to help the customer to worry less about routine tasks and focus more on their end customer experience.

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