Information Technology

Information Technology

Securing a global tech giant's digital frontier: A leap towards unified cyber resilience

Solution overview

A leading provider of technology services sought to enhance their security infrastructure to support a global workforce exceeding 10,000 employees across various sectors. To bolster their defenses against sophisticated cyber threats and to streamline operational efficiency, an upgrade from a standard cloud-based productivity suite to an advanced enterprise-grade security solution was initiated.

This enhancement aimed at incorporating robust email protection capabilities, advanced identity safeguards, and superior cloud application security. By integrating these state-of-the-art defenses, the organization looked to empower its security teams with better monitoring tools and threat detection capabilities, addressing the insufficiencies of their previous system that struggled with phishing attempts, risk reporting, and shadow IT application surveillance.

Quadra at work

Quadra's cybersecurity experts undertook a comprehensive audit of the existing security protocols and initiated an upgrade to a more sophisticated security suite. The transition included deploying an advanced threat protection service in audit mode to identify and monitor threats without disrupting email flow. Key leadership teams were provided with targeted threat identification training, employing simulation tools to educate on social engineering defenses. The Quadra team showcased the robustness of their threat investigation and response mechanisms, provided insights into highrisk user activities, and enforced advanced data loss prevention strategies to curtail unintended data exposure. To tackle the issue of shadow IT, theimplemented a solution that leveraged existing firewall logs to detect unsanctioned applications, thereby enhancing visibility and control over compliance risks. Furthermore, the device management approach was revamped to streamline inventory management and incorporate dynamic threat and vulnerability management practices.

Business benefits realized

The integration of this comprehensive enterprise security solution delivered a multitude of benefits. The organization now boasts a unified security and compliance framework, significantly reducing the complexity and cost of their cyber defense strategy. The advanced security suite has enabled a proactive stance against cyber threats, with improved threat detection and response mechanisms. The result is a fortified defense system that not only protects against advanced email threats but also ensures a robust identity protection strategy and a vigilant stance against shadow IT challenges. The transformation has yielded an economical solution, reducing total ownership costs while offering a simplified management experience, ultimately enhancing their ability to protect sensitive data across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and geographies.

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