Securing and managing data assets for a global healthcare services provider

Solution overview

Our customer provides revenue cycle management, medical coding, insurance verification and health care related services to global customers. They have scaled their business manifold over two decades. Being in an industry where they handle very sensitive information about individuals, a high level of security and compliance is a fundamental need. Their reputation rests on the way they handle this data – capture, store, analyse and share with their clients. It was important to make sure that they did not leave the burden of handling security, devices and applications on the end users, but instead provide a robust framework that would help them to deliver their best work in the most secure manner possible. This would also be a platform that would enable them to acquire more customers with trust and confidence. Their current endpoint solution lacked advanced features that they needed to deliver their business needs. Visibility was limited, leading to limited insight on threats. On several occasions, a heavy footprint meant that endpoint performance was affected. Advanced predictive threat intelligence and reporting was also an unmet need.

Quadra at work

Quadra's dedicated Cyber Security Team excels in providing IT security for on premises, cloud and hybrid systems. Deep partnerships with global leaders in security and unified threat management solution providers ensure that our customers have access to the best-in-class security solutions to meet their enterprise needs. For this customer, we recommended one of the leaders in new age, cloud-based security solutions that could provide them all the advanced endpoint management functionality that they were looking for. We implemented a suite of products that would provide protection, insight, intelligence and granular control for more than two thousand users. Our team went over multiple use cases and studied possible scenarios in great detail to ensure that the solution we designed would protect our customer from all possible threat sources. A proof of concept was setup to show case the functionality, following which we deployed the solution in production. Policies were created for prevention, device control, sensor updates and real time response. Scenarios covered included, but not limited to ransomware, heap spray attacks, suspicious execution blocking and zero-day malware and device control policies to restrict the usage of specific device classes. These helped to provide fool proof protection against several attack vectors and data loss scenarios.

Business benefits realized

Through a sound understanding of customer needs, combined with deep technical skills and delivery capabilities, we helped our customer meet their business needs for in depth malware analysis, monitoring, prediction and prevention of cyber threats. The light weight endpoint agent ensured that performance was not affected. Behavioural protection with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning ensured that the system could intelligently learn from usage patterns, even while taking away the burden of security and compliance from end users. The customer's IT team benefited from a single vendor solution that was tightly integrated and provided insightful reports from multiple data sources. This reduced the need to pore through discrete logs from multiple solutions and collating them to obtain collective intelligence on their threat landscape.

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