Transforming desktop application delivery aids fast growing startup to scale nationally

Solution Overview

Our customer, a startup and a fast-growing direct selling agency, focused on personal care and home care products was in rapid expansion mode. They planned to open multiple offices in a very short period of time across the length and breadth of the country. However, a significant challenge they faced during this expansion was IT related – with a centralized datacenter at Chennai, they were in a quandary as to how they could extend and provide their LoB applications to their newly opened branches. This dilemma was proving to be a potential speed limiter in their quest for growth.

Moreover, they would also need to have local IT support, apart from provisioning local data storage and security. These costs would significantly add to the cost of opening new branches, and also pose scalability issues as the number of branches and users grew. Given their lean operating model, it was not a viable option to invest heavily in local IT infrastructure and IT manpower. Apart from the investment, this would also result in significant management overheads which would be a deal breaker.

Quadra at work

Quadra’s infrastructure consultants reviewed the entire application landscape and business needs, and quickly determined that a secure and scalable application delivery solution was the best way forward. It would provide them the ideal combination of low cost, zero maintenance IT infrastructure at the branch level, while providing centralized administration and security through a public cloud infrastructure. We recommended the industry leading application delivery and virtualization solution for our customer’s needs and built a TCO worksheet that helped the IT team to secure approval and budgets from their management. As part of our structured implementation and deployment process, we analyzed each of their core business applications for compatibility, in order to ensure the least disruption on account of compatibility issues, as well as the optimum performance levels. A centralized application delivery infrastructure can be quite capital intensive in terms of compute, storage and license investments, but through a holistic approach, we ensured that the customer could derive tangible RoI and value from their investments.

Business Benefits

The whole deployment, being delivered out of a central public cloud became a plug and play roll out at the branch level. All configuration and end user settings were templated and made available on sign on – the only manual intervention required was to create user accounts with appropriate permissions as and when required. There was virtually no maintenance at the branch level, and even in the event of a hardware failure, a new device could be swapped in with no loss of data, thus ensuring business continuity. Data security was seamless, as all data resided centrally, and no misuse of end user data was possible. End users could also access high definition applications across any device or secure network, with the ability to regulate user access as per our customer’s security policies. Performance improved dramatically, as the inherent scalability and infinite expansion overhead available in the public cloud ensured that there was no resource bottleneck. Backup and business continuity concerns were addressed very well with this new architecture, which gave peace of mind to their management.

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