IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

Unified cloud security architecture: A strategic approach for enhanced visibility and control

Solution overview

In today's multifaceted cloud ecosystem, an ITES industry leader encountered significant challenges in unifying security protocols across their extensive multi-cloud operations. With each cloud provider offering distinct security and access control mechanisms, the organization faced considerable difficulties in ensuring consistent policy implementation and achieving comprehensive network visibility.

To tackle this, a groundbreaking solution was conceptualized, revolving around the deployment of a central network firewall complemented by an application gateway. This pivotal strategy intended to route all ingress and egress traffic through a single point, promising standardized security policy enforcement and complete visibility across various cloud environments.

Quadra at work

Quadra's team conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the enterprise's existing network and security setups, leading to the recommendation of a huband- spoke network architecture. This design established one cloud platform as the central hub, integrating a premier firewall to facilitate traffic management and control.

The hub's strategic position allowed for effective security management across the entire cloud infrastructure. Simultaneously, the deployment of an advanced application gateway provided specialized traffic filtering capabilities at the application layer, further enhancing security measures. This redesigned network model, adhering to industryleading architectural principles, provided a single connectivity junction to other cloud environments and on-premises data centers, substantially improving the organization's security posture.

Business benefits realized

The implementation of this centralized network structure resulted in a transformative improvement in the enterprise's security landscape. The application gateway emerged as the preliminary layer of defense, meticulously filtering web application traffic prior to its entry into the network firewall, establishing a formidable multi-tier security system.

The introduction of a zero-trust traffic policy across the multi-cloud infrastructure significantly elevated the organization's security capabilities, ensuring rigorous authentication and authorization practices. This not only mitigated potential insider threats but also substantially reduced the overall attack surface. The enterprise also gained enhanced monitoring capabilities, offering deep insight into network traffic and user behavior, enabling prompt detection of anomalies.

Strategic segmentation within the network architecture limited lateral movements, curbing the reach of threat actors and safeguarding the integrity of the enterprise's operations.

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