Enterprise data protection solution secures critical corporate data for USD 500 million manufacturer

Solution Background

One of India's most reputed manufacturing firms, fast approaching a century of manufacturing excellence, our customer had established a stellar reputation as a top supplier to most global auto majors.  With established presence across a number of automobile systems and components sub-verticals, they served a variety of industry sub segments, with sales in excess of USD 0.5 billion. At the heart of any large manufacturing organization is a robust ERP, and our customer was no different. They had chosen SAP along with Oracle as a back-end database to support their diverse businesses and manufacturing operations. Given the mission critical nature of this LOB data, securing and protecting this data repository was of paramount importance.

Quadra at work

A study of their current data protection methods revealed that they were using native application tools for data backup and restore. While this was functional to an extent, it could not meet the demanding recovery, restore and enterprise capability that was essential given their business growth and complexity. Since their enterprise OS consisted of multiple flavors of Unix along with Windows Server, there was a clear business case for a cross platform, enterprise grade data protection solution. IBM Spectrum Protect was the solution of choice, as this would provide organization wide administration, reporting, monitoring and automation, thus providing the highest level of protection while placing minimal demands on IT.

With virtualized servers also in the mix, running on a VMware infrastructure, we needed to protect these servers as well. Storage was on a SAN environment. Our customer also had a DR site which housed replicas of the application and database servers. We configured IBM Spectrum Protect along with agents for virtual environments, SAN, databases and applications for a comprehensive data protection solution. The true value of any backup solution lies in the ability to do a seamless restore, and we could demonstrate this successfully across the DC and DR sites.

Business Benefits

In our several years of experience in designing, delivering and managing enterprise backup solutions, we realized that the key to the success of any enterprise data protection solution was the ability to automate routine tasks, including restore and recovery, while providing insightful reports to identify any anomalies. A simple and easy-to-read user interface is critical, as it ensures that the backup administrators have all the information they need in a single dashboard, and this is what we provided to our customer, along with the ability to manage both the DC and DR environments in a single pane. This gave them complete visibility at any point in time on the protection status of their mission critical data. With capacity based licensing, we lowered the total solution cost for our customer, providing for a very compelling TCO while easing administrative and management burdens.

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