Fostering an agile enterprise with an integrated IT infrastructure

Business Challenges

With manufacturing plants and sales offices spread across the globe, our customer is one of India's leading integrated manufacturers and exporters of finished pharmaceutical dosage forms. A strong, end to end R&D has driven their growth over the past twenty years, and this has resulted in partnerships with most of the leading pharmaceutical giants. In the middle of rapid organic as well as inorganic growth, they were looking at a robust and scalable technology platform that could support their vision of being a global force in the industry.

The current IT infrastructure was a mix and match of various disparate technologies. IT procurement was piecemeal, resulting in a plethora of software combinations. Several point solutions were deployed in order to alleviate immediate pains, and this had resulted in burgeoning complexity, and a stressed out IT department which was more focused on putting out daily fires than contributing to the strategic vision of the organization. Project management, a highly critical area given the nature of their manufacturing process was run on Excel sheets. The management's vision was bogged down in difficulties in execution. Security was another concern area, given the valuable IP that they possessed. There was no mechanism to secure and audit confidential data. Also, communication and collaboration were proving to be productivity limiters – compounded by high costs.

Quadra at work

The key to our customer approach was the Infrastructure Optimization model, using which we were able to assess their infrastructure in a structured manner and present them a report on their current IT capabilities and gaps, along with industry benchmarks. As this was based on industry standard CMMI models, it added credibility to our approach and resonated with the IT decision makers. We also supplemented these efforts with proof of concepts, and leveraged role based

presentations. Based on our assessment, we proposed an integrated Microsoft stack as a cost effective, tightly knit solution.  We chose this approach vis-à-vis a “best of breed” strategy, in order to reduce complexity and management issues.

Business Benefits

Our integrated, stack based approach boosted end user productivity through improved communication and collaboration. A familiar interface across multiple products meant that employees could quickly take advantage of new tools without extensive retraining. With an hybrid on-premise and cloud based security and anti-spam solution in place, security concerns were greatly eased. Compliance and regulatory requirements were also addressed with a unified portal. Using information rights management solution, valuable IP could be protected in transit and at rest. The result: increased organizational flexibility, responsiveness and better alignment of internal IT with business priorities.

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