Today’s workforce is more connected than ever – but are they more innovative and productive? That is the challenge that every business around the world faces.

How can a business get their employees to be more engaged, and not just connected. How can they unlock creativity among their people? How can they foster innovation? And thereby, leverage the true potential of their workforce, which is arguably the most potent tool in organizational growth and success.

Foster innovation in your enterprise

Ideaz is built around the concept of unlocking the people potential in every organization, and it starts with fostering an environment where it is easy for people to communicate, share thoughts and insights.

Ideaz encourages 3-way communication – peer to peer; top to bottom and bottom to top. An intuitive UI built on Microsoft Teams ensures that your workforce can get started without any training.

  • An intuitive UI welcomes people to share ideas and helps them to get visibility while building traction for their thoughts.
  • Built in gamification rewards prolific thinkers, while encouraging participation.
  • Threaded discussions and review mechanisms make sure that outcomes are delivered.
  • Tackle business challenges with the power of collaborative thinking – leverage the power of “super minds”.

How does Ideaz help?


Unlocks the problem-solving ability of the entire workforce.


Encourages organization wide communication and collaboration.


Fosters collaborative thinking, which is a recognized process for innovation.


Tackle business challenges and allow new ideas to spark at any time.

A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out. Get Ideaz for your business and unlock your people potential.

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