Document processing is a very important, but unexciting task that takes considerable time and energy in any organization, yet lacks solutions that can help automate, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

Manual processing frequently leads to delays and lost documents, leading to wastage of valuable time and resources that can be put to more productive use. While some LoB applications include these components, not all of them are flexible or configurable to meet unique day to day needs. A robust automation solution for processing common business documents such as invoices can make a quantum improvement in organizational agility and deliver a huge RoI on effort.

Business agility starts with Prism

Quadra Prism is built with power, speed, and flexibility at its core, to process routine business documents such as invoices. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Prism helps to automate tedious manual processes, without major software code deployment or extensive customization. It is completely configurable by the end user and can be easily customized to accommodate changing customer needs.

Most of all, it has an AI Builder forms processing model that takes it beyond mere document processing and extracts key data fields that can be then fed into LoB systems accurately and instantaneously.


Powerful, adaptable

Prism can process documents received via a variety of sources, including email, web or even paper invoices.

You can use Prism to process expense receipts, invoices or any other routine business document. With the power of AI, Prism can not just detect standard fields, but also process natural language text and extract actionable keywords that can greatly reduce reliance on human intervention.

The models constantly improve over time, so the more documents you process, the more accurate the system gets over time.

Predict outcomes

A standout feature of Prism it the ability to predict multiple outcomes, including feedback such as delays, cancellations, success or failure.

This can help identify issues upfront and take proactive action so that you enhance organizational agility while delivering a great customer experience. Prism delivers several other key business benefits, including:


Automatically identify
key business fields


AI driven models that
can classify data


Intelligent predictions
of business outcomes


Ability to parse natural
language text

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.


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