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Navigating a shifting world


The past few years have shaken people and businesses alike, out of their comfort zones. Technology, however, kept the world running. The pace of change, driven by digital has accelerated and transformed many business models beyond recognition. But there is also a dark side to this transformation: the changes wrought by digital adoption, including concepts such as hybrid work, the gig economy and the increasing adoption of OT have expanded the attack surface for companies of all sizes.


Security teams that are already stretched struggle to integrate point solutions from multiple vendors, many of which were not designed for legacy environments. Integration complexities, a lack of skilled security resources that can force painful compromises, and unrelenting attacks from cyber criminals have made securing the organization a seemingly unattainable goal.


Cyberattacks have grown more sophisticated, while also dramatically increasing in frequency, driven by commercialization ofthe ransomware model. Conventional security tools have not been able to keep pace, even while the regulatory landscape has become more complex.


Traditional security models have only added complexity and obscurity, which have led to decreasing returns on investment, without adding any tangible benefits. This is where a cloud based, holistic approach to security that is driven by data, insights and machine learning can change the way security is approached, designed and implemented. As one of Microsoft’s most awarded partners globally, Quadra has proactively invested in skills, expertise and technologies, built on the Microsoft Security platform.


Quadra has helped some of India’s biggest businesses to take control of their security landscape through a comprehensive security consulting offering, that includes design, review and implementation through an outcome oriented approach that eliminates complexity and is based on simplicity and actionable insights.

Quadra (SOC)NXT, our managed security services offering, takes our leadership one step further, and is designed to remove the uncertainty, cost and complexity in keeping your business secure.

Quadra (SOC)NXT: transforming your security landscape

Security needs

Security need not be a complex, obscure process any more – Quadra (SOC)NXT is built with simplicity in mind, helping you to identify what’s important and relevant

Data privacy

Guaranteed data privacy – your data resides in your own environment

AI driven

AI driven, human curated – you get the best of both worlds for total peace of mind

360° security lifecycle

360° security lifecycle – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover

Microsoft technology

Build on and leverage your existing investments in Microsoft technology

Whatever your security needs – we have an offering that’s right for you!

Not sure if you’re getting the best out of your Microsoft Security investments?

Quadra’s Consulting Services

A recent survey from IDG shows that 50% of businesses don’t use all the security functionality they have invested in. As a pioneer and thought leader providing Microsoft Security services to India’s largest businesses, we have deep expertise and an established track record in design, review and implementation. Talk to our team to make sure you’re getting the best out of your Microsoft Security investments - across Microsoft 365 or Azure clouds.

Security services to protect your business
Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel

  • Data Connector configuration and collect data from various sources
  • Security Alerts and SOAR configurations
  • Custom analytics rules to detect threats
  • Monitor and visualize data
  • Investigate incidents & Automated responses
  • MDR integration and monitoring
Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender

  • Defender for O365, Defender for Identity, Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Security Alerts integration with Microsoft Sentinel (SIEM)
  • Policy configuration
  • Configuring monitoring and playbooks
  • Security controls deployment

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Looking to get complete control and visibility of your security deployment

Quadra’s Management and Monitoring Services

Even if you have deployed Microsoft Security technologies, do you know that there’s so much more you can do? Be it monitoring your environment and continually improving your security posture, our experienced team can help you to enhance your existing security deployment and complement it with management tools that can help you to ingest new data sources, automate common tasks and setup alerts based on best practices.

Security services to protect your business
SIEM with Microsoft Sentinel

SIEM with Microsoft Sentinel

  • Custom log source ingestions (3rd party)
  • Alert and Architecture finetuning
  • Optimization in log source ingestion to optimize the cose
  • Alert review and analysis
  • Integrate threat intelligence
  • Reactive suport for incidents with Microsoft Premier support
  • Best practices and recommendations (monthly)

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Do you need 100% peace of mind and an outcome-oriented approach?

Quadra’s MDR Services

With Quadra (SOC) - Managed Detection and Response Services, you get all NXT the benefits of our management and monitoring services, with the added advantage of 24x7 monitoring, detection, investigation and response using our AI tools and human curators. You benefit from our deep expertise while reducing cost and complexity through a managed services approach.

Security services to protect your business
MDR with 24/7 SOC

MDR with 24/7 SOC

  • 24/7 Alert monitoring and investigation
  • Threat Hunting and Response
  • Remote support for incidents
  • Proactive protection
  • Designated Security Account Manager
  • Monthly Review

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Quadra (SOC)NXT: 100% built on Microsoft Security

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel

Monitoring and investigations of Sentinel alerts
Microsoft 365 Defender MDR

Microsoft 365 Defender MDR

Monitoring, investigation, and remediation across the Microsoft 365 Defender product
Microsoft Defender for Cloud MDR

Microsoft Defender for Cloud MDR

Monitoring, investigations, and remediation across the Microsoft Defender for Cloud product suite.
Protect everyting

Protect everything

Simplify the complex

Simplify the complex

Don't miss anything

Don't miss anything

Grow your business

Grow your business

5 reasons why your business is in safe hands with Quadra (SOC)NXT

Reduce your business risk

Reduce your business risk and lower your seurity costs

No logs

No logs - only curated actionable insights driven by AI and ML

On-premises environments

Monitor both cloud and on-premises environments

360° security lifecycle

360° security lifecycle– Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and onsite remediation options give you maximum flexibility

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.


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