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The way we work has fundamentally changed. For example, work from home is an existing trend, that has been greatly accelerated by the events in the past year.

The advantages of a future ready workplace are many: people benefit from flexible working, and businesses benefit from access to global talent. BYOD is becoming increasingly common— 87% of people access work applications from personal devices. Today’s increasing security and compliance requirements place a great burden and add immense complexity to the traditional desktop model.

The traditional desktop is obsolete.

Modern business demands a modern outlook to IT, and it starts with your desktop. Problems abound— innumerable operating system versions, application combinations, end point and manageability issues. These cannot be resolved with current approaches and solutions. This is where Quadra’s Nubis DaaS solutions can help your business to break free of the shackles imposed by a traditional desktop environment, and provide a modern, responsive, always-available desktop infrastructure that is future ready. Consider the benefits of Quadra Nubis:


Expand capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience

  • Connect to any platform with an experience just like native
  • Enhance protocol by adapting bandwidth utilization
  • Enable fast VHD load times and log-on times with containerized user profiles
  • Drive stronger collaboration with Teams enhancements

Realize more efficient and simplified management

  • Unify both Desktop and RemoteApp experiences for easy-to-grasp learning
  • Engage flexible user experiences through a single host pool and multiple app
  • Utilize automated VM deployment
  • Solve errors quickly with simplified but powerful troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics

Ensure security and modernization with
a standardized, global cloud

  • Reach anyone, anywhere with 54 regions (more than any other cloud provider)
  • Rely on powerful cyber defense operations with over 3,500 full time security professionals
  • Assign role-based access control to admins

Significantly reduce costs without compromising quality

  • Decrease spending to only virtual machines, storage, and networking consumed while using the service
  • Employ the full Windows 10 experience at multi-session cost
  • Utilize automated VM deployment
  • Absorb the licenses you already own to limit spending

Quadra Nubis: Empowering a future ready business


Enhance employee experience with reliable, trouble free, high performance end user IT


Foster innovation in your business through improved employee productivity


Easily adapt to stringent security and compliancerequirements


Reduce capex and complexity


Improve application support

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.


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