Business is all about people. Any enterprise, large or small needs to manage a daily inflow of visitors in a manner that is secure, simple and takes into account the various recording and compliance needs.

Traditional paper-based systems are cumbersome, prone to errors and lack the ability to search through information and analyze patterns. Standalone applications solve part of the problem but fail when it comes to user friendliness and integration with existing systems.

Enter Visitorz

Visitorz from Quadra addresses these challenges in a simple, user friendly and scalable manner. It presents as a bot within Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your employees are not subject to a learning curve with yet another business application.

Users simply need to invoke the bot to create a new visitor request or view the recent visitor list. They can even edit or delete a visitor request in a couple of clicks. Visitorz provides real time updates on arrival and departure through Teams notifications, ensuring minimal wait time and crowding in common areas, as well as efficient use of time for your workforce. Through adaptive cards and a conversational interface, Visitorz ensures that even a first-time user can quickly create a visitor request in a matter of minutes.Visitors allows for pre-registration, which greatly streamlines the visitor management process, and provides a great experience for both visitors and employees alike. It can also be integrated with your calendar to make sure every visit is well planned and productive.

Enterprise Grade

Even while delivering a simple and user-friendly interface, Visitorz is an enterprise class application, as it captures comprehensive details on visitors, and securely stores them in a central database for analysis and retrieval.

Frequently visitors can easily be added by a simple yet powerful search function, and a confirmation is sent via chat in the form of a card to the concerned employee. Being an adaptive card, it also helps them to quickly access actions such as edit or delete requests, or even view all incoming visitors for the day. With Visitorz, your organization benefits from:


Instant end user alerts through Teams


Delegation for senior management


Create, add, edit and delete through the chat interface


Powerful search features


Secure and compliant


Low TCO, reliable and scalable

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The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.


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