With increasing use of public cloud, IT infrastructure management has increased in complexity as organizations struggle to manage infrastructure across on-prem, hybrid cloud and public cloud instances.

This requires that you have an intelligent, multi-cloud platform that can continually optimize your cloud investments - right from assessment, to adoption, optimization, automation, security and compliance, leaving you free to focus on delivering business outcomes.

All-Ops Simplification Platform

Max-IT is the industry’s first AllOps platform that helps technology leaders like you to:

  • Automate IT operations
  • Deploy a unified platform for DevOps and Cloud Managed Services
  • Accelerate software delivery at high quality, efficiency and security
  • Deliver continuous security and testing

Future proof your cloud investments

We don't just address your current business needs - we are also focused on what's next for your business. Max-IT! ensures that your business is always future proof.


Cloud Management, Optimization & Gocernance

600+ APIs, 10+ AI/ML models

Continous Security Assurance

200+ security policies

Continous Compliance

50+ compliance controls

IT Internal Audit Automation

600+ audit checklist

Value Stream Management

250+ KPIs at Org, BU, product(app) level


20+ AI/ML models

DevSecOps Governance

500+ best practices

AllOps Orchestration

60+ enterprise tools, 600+ cloud APIs

Business benefits

Max-IT doesn’t just help you to take back control of your IT infrastructure – it helps you to optimize operations, speed up response times even while reducing errors and compliance risk, while reducing security risks. Documented benefits include:


cloud cost savings


faster response


reduction in errors


process efficiency improvement


reduction in security incidents


overall cost savings

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.

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