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Security has become a board room conversation today. A security breach poses an existential threat a business, large or small. However, the challenge with traditional security solutions is that they lack completeness of vision and collective intelligence.

Point solutions add complexity that deters from a secure posture, rather than contributing to it. There are hundreds of security vendors across tens of solution areas that make the task of identifying, purchasing, deploying and integrating point solutions a herculean task.

Quadra’s approach to security

Our approach to security revolves around three pillars:

  • Adopt a holistic approach to security across people, infrastructure and processes.
  • Connect security to businessoutcomes.
  • Simplify security with managed services and actionable insights.

Seek order from chaos

With our AI-infused managed security services, we transform the ‘get secure and stay secure’ conversation from chaos to simple, actionable insights that have your business needs at the centre.

By building on trillions of signals from the Microsoft Security Graph, and further enhancing it with open source MISP integration, our single window Security Center delivers a greatly simplified experience that leverages AI along with human curated insights to make sure that your business is always protected.

Get secure. Stay secure.

Quadra’s Threat Doctor doesn’t just give you security insights. It keeps your business secure. Managed Services complete the security lifecycle, from technology acquisition to management. Across five distinct stages of cyber security management, rely on our managed services to:


Establish high level of security preparedness


Ensure always-up-date security posture


Reduce complexity and cost

5 reasons why your business is in safe hands with Threat Doctor


Built on the Microsoft Zero Trust Assessment Model


No logs – only curated actionable insights driven by AI and ML


360 protection across security lifecycle– Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover


Monitor both cloud and on-premises environments with Azure Sentinel integration


Remote monitoring and onsite remediation options give you maximum flexibility

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.

Quadra (SOC)NXT: transforming your security landscape

we focus on

In an era of rapidly evolving technology and ever-increasing cyber threats, enterprises need a robust and efficient solution to navigate the complex security landscape. Quadra SOC(NXT), a cutting-edge managed security services offering, 100% built on the Microsoft Security platform, is the ideal choice for organizations looking to reduce complexity, cost, and uncertainty while maintaining a strong security posture.

By leveraging Quadra's expertise in security consulting, design, review, and implementation, Quadra SOC(NXT) provides an outcome-oriented approach that simplifies security management and delivers actionable insights. This comprehensive solution addresses the challenges posed by a growing attack surface, integration com


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