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Access anywhere with virtual work spaces

Enhance employee productivity by providing secure, anytime access to corporate applications

Access anywhere with virtual work spaces

Empower your employees with access to data from any device of their choice

Access anywhere with virtual work spaces

At a click, publish and make available business applications for end users

Access anywhere with virtual work spaces

Secure mission critical information without impacting end user productivity


Today's modern office has no boundaries - employees need to be able to work at peak productivity irrespective of their location, time or choice of device. Emerging trends such as work from home, temporary or remote workforces cannot be effectively managed with the traditional desktop infrastructure.

Mobile devices and cloud based applications mean that a significant chunk of corporate data lies outside the corporate firewall and traditional IT control mechanisms - however, the need to protect, secure and regulate access to business critical information has never been as crucial as today. In the global war for talent, an anytime, anywhere, any device workstyle can be a crucial differentiator that can help attract and retain a talented workforce.

Access anywhere with virtual work spaces

How we can help

Democratizing VDI

Although virtual desktop solutions have been available for quite some time now, they require significant capital expenditure and advanced deployment and management skills, making them out of the reach of many businesses.

Globally available

However, with public cloud based virtual workspaces, we can setup a scalable virtual desktop infrastructure in a matter of days without any capital investment. Without the need for deploying hardware, we can provide your end users with a globally available, high quality desktop experience from a device of their choice.

Inherent security

What's more, this enhanced end user experience does not come at the cost of security - conversely, we can help implement a more secured, controlled environment, with the ability to provide end users with applications on demand, including a self-service model where users can provision the apps they need without the need for administrator intervention.

Productivity insights

We can help you to track, monitor and manage application usage, arming you with data that can help optimize your investments in expensive software. By enabling secure a BYOD environment, we can save costs without compromising on security.

Limitless scalability

The virtually unlimited scalability of the public cloud ensures that you can add as many users, and continue to pay per user instead of incurring capital expenditure. Backup and redundancy are no longer concerns due to the inherent nature of the public cloud.

Leverage existing investments

We can help you utilize a wide range of hardware - from traditional desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile devices running on Android, Windows or iOS. We can also help you protect your investment in desktop licenses by moving them to the cloud. Without requiring a rip and replace of your existing corporate directory services, we can integrate, extend and significantly enhance security, while still using your familiar systems management tools.

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