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Gain business insights that drive growth

Derive intelligent reports from your business data

Gain business insights that drive growth

Track and monitor key business performance indicators in real time

Gain business insights that drive growth

Eliminate data clutter and focus on what matters

Gain business insights that drive growth

Make the move to data driven decisions


With increasing adoption of line of business applications and automation, if there is one thing that most organizations have a surfeit of, it is data. Sadly, this does not translate into information, or more specifically, actionable information.

Although there are several on-premise tools that add a layer of intelligence on top of organizational data, these are typically expensive and difficult to deploy with long implementation times.

An even major drawback however, is the lack of end user flexibility and ability to customize dashboards in tune with changing business needs. Skilled administrators and programmers are required every time a new report needs to be generated, and this diminishes any possible business value these solutions can provide.

Gain business insights that drive growth

How we can help


At Quadra, using cloud based BI tools, we can deliver real time business insights on your organizational data. We can help your employees to quickly build real time, interactive dashboards, drawing upon data from multiple sources - be it your on-premise LoB systems, cloud based storage, streaming data or even Excel spreadsheets.

No-code, low-cost

With minimal customization and coding, the focus is on getting insights and actionable information that matters to your business, resulting in what we call 'democratization of BI'. No more expensive BI licenses that have to be sparingly distributed across the organization - we can help every employee access relevant information securely and in the device of their choice, without compromising on functionality and visualization capabilities.

Natural language

Imagine being able to talk to your data - that is precisely what we can enable using natural language query, and using simple English sentences, your employees can construct powerful visualizations that highlight problems and identify opportunities.

Scale without limits

Being cloud based, the solution can scale to support users across multiple locations, and information can be securely shared across teams, while at the same time providing personalized insights to key business metrics for every user.

Share securely

We can take team collaboration in your business to new heights as everyone gets to see consolidated business data, while simultaneously providing the ability to view reports that are relevant to them. While reducing clutter and information overload, this also helps secure confidential information and ensures that people have controlled access to dashboards.

Profit from insights

With a seamless services bouquet that covers all your need, right from data architecture design to cube construction, user experience consulting and training, we can help you to profit from insights into your data.

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