Your business needs

Safeguard your data with globally redundant DR

Setup an affordable DR solution without high capital expenses or high operational costs

Safeguard your data with globally redundant DR

Automate workload recovery

Safeguard your data with globally redundant DR

Reduce application downtime and data loss

Safeguard your data with globally redundant DR

Perform ongoing testing and monitoring


The effect of unforeseen disasters is catastrophic for any business, and the past few years have seen several examples where organizations have been bought to a standstill. Even a mere hour of downtime is enough to cause significant losses or adverse business impact.

While every business agrees that the importance of a robust DR strategy cannot be emphasized enough, globally, less than a third of businesses report that they have a mature, tried and tested business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management plan in place. This seeming paradox is largely due to the cost and complexity involved in setting up a BC & DR solution, but in a connected world where customers change loyalties at the click of a button, businesses can no longer afford to be complacent about this.

Safeguard your data with globally redundant DR

How we can help

Transform DR

With cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS), we can help your business to implement a globally redundant, always on business continuity solution with no upfront investments. We can help you to add DR capacity on a need basis, optimizing your costs and ensuring that you spend only for what you actually need at any point in time.

Integrate with current investments

Moreover, even if your business already has an on-premises DR solution in place, we can add an additional layer of insurance to your existing setup by replicating it in the cloud. At a fraction of the cost, and in a flexible pay as you go model, we can help you to reap the benefits of a globally redundant DR infrastructure that would otherwise be out of reach of all but the largest businesses.

Quick deployment

Our experienced consultants can help you to analyse your existing datacenter architecture, correlate with your business needs and help you design and deploy a DR plan. Site deployment can now become as low as minutes, and our skilled team can provide remote DR health monitoring and a customizable recovery plan, along with ongoing testing and reporting.

Benefit from best in class

With wide experience across multiple industry verticals, we are well placed to provide you expert advice on choosing a DRaaS provider that can meet the operational and compliance standards for your industry, including evaluating the SLAs and identifying workloads to be failed over.

Focussed on your business

As a trusted advisor, we can help you to evaluate multiple cloud providers from a long term perspective and help you to get the best RoI for your investment.

Adopt best practices

Also, we understand that the true test is in recovering back to your normal environment, and we can provide you with guidance on industry best practices and planning procedures to ensure that your business is back on track in the shortest time frame possible.

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