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Smart operations and manufacturing

Improve and innovate on your products and services

Smart operations and manufacturing

Optimize processes and control operations

Smart operations and manufacturing

Increase revenue assets and services; create new revenue streams

Smart operations and manufacturing

Use real data to reduce costs and eliminate inefficiencies


Combine the ubiquitous Internet and an ever increasing array of low cost, IP connected devices, add a virtually infinite pool of compute resources available in the public cloud, and you have a recipe for organizations worldwide to stream and analyse data in real time, and profit from increased efficiencies, reduced costs and innovative revenue streams.

The potential for the IoT ecosystem is in the billions of dollars, and the applications are limitless, from consumer devices to industrial automation. In a rapidly evolving landscape, businesses need to be able to capitalize on the power of IoT not just to cut costs and drive efficiencies, but to enhance R&D efforts and fuel innovation.

Smart operations and manufacturing

How we can help

Simplify data aggregation

The first steps in collecting and analyzing streaming data is to create a central portal that can give you visibility into your operations. With the help of APIs available on the public cloud, we can help you to create a device management portal that helps you to visualize and analyse data.

Secure information

This access can be role based and permission based, meaning that you expose relevant data to the right users. With centralized asset monitoring in place, we can help increase IT efficiencies by providing visibility into real time performance, that can help control costs and reduce business risks.

Analyze in real-time

With public cloud services, we can help you to log, tore and analyse upto millions of events per second in near real time. IoT is fraught with complexities such as huge data volumes, privacy and security concerns, but robust data management capabilities can help overcome most of these challenges.

Gain insights

Gleaning information from data is what delivers tangible results, and we can help you to collect, compile, manage and analyse both structured and unstructured data to drive actionable insight. With data analytics, we can help you to create structured and interactive dashboards to help you to take well informed decisions with your business data.

Act on analytics

By integrating third party data with your organizational data, we can help provide better context for decision making with a single data source in the cloud. We can help you integrate this data back into your LoB systems for preventive maintenance, predictive modelling or even real time marketing This can help you to automate action based on real time data analysis.

Build capabilities at low costs

With the availability of numerous applications and APIs on the public cloud, we can help your business gain from these transformational insights without the need to invest in capex heavy infrastructure that requires high management and maintenance costs.

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