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Enable application innovation

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Enable application innovation

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Enable application innovation

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Enable application innovation

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Rapidly emerging trends such as mobility, social media, the explosion of mobile apps and cloud computing have transformed the application landscape. End-user needs and demands have changed with the consumerization of IT and the advent of powerful mobile devices.

Traditional enterprise applications, designed for much less frequent upgrade cycles have struggled to keep place with this onslaught, and this has left many organizations caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to keeping pace with competition and the changing ecosystem.

Enable application innovation

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Digital begins here

Application modernization, or the ability to rapidly create cloud-ready, mobile-ready agile applications that can integrate through APIs with other enterprise applications, residing both on the cloud and on-premises has become a critical business need.

Extend your applications

With mobile devices playing such a pivotal role in end user productivity, applications need to be cross platform by default, and also support easy integration with other applications and services. By leveraging the public cloud as a development platform, we can help your business to create or modernize enterprise web applications, corporate websites or extend apps with mobile capabilities.

Power your business

We can empower your applications to take advantage of immensely scalable database infrastructure in the cloud, and leverage advanced features such as in-memory processing for high performance. Again, with limitless storage, media apps and videos can be cost effectively stored on the cloud, either through custom applications that leverage APIs, or through native cloud applications.

Eliminate silos

By taking advantage of development tools that support "build once" unified applications, platform dependence becomes a thing of the past. With secure interoperability between legacy and modern applications, we can prevent data silos.

Go to market faster

Be it media services, IoT, machine learning, big data and analytics, we can ensure that your applications can leverage the cloud to reduce development times, while providing a uniform end user experience for maximum productivity.

Agile development

We can also move test and pre-production environments to the cloud, lowering your development costs and significantly reducing the time to go live. We can consult your developers on using native cloud development tools and source code management systems to enable them to build robust and future proof applications. We help you to move away from the mundane and put emphasis on agility and innovation, thereby translating into tangible business benefits.

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