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Secure your information

Extend corporate user identities to mobile devices and applications

Secure your information

Secure data across multiple devices running varied operating systems

Secure your information

Ensure robust and persistent data protection with employees and partners

Secure your information

Stay abreast of emerging cyber risks and avoid business disruptions with a holistic strategy


More work than ever gets done on mobile devices. Today, work is defined as not a place where people go, but as what people do from where they are, regardless of location.

While this explosion of devices has bought unprecedented freedom and flexibility for end users, it also brings new challenges and complexities for organizations that are torn between the need to secure their confidential data, without compromising on end user productivity.

With cloud based applications - both free and paid becoming increasingly popular, end users have begun capturing, storing and sharing data through these easily available and low cost applications and devices. However, as they reside outside the traditional organizational IT boundaries, there is an urgent need to regulate and protect data without denying access to these applications for end users.

Secure your information

How we can help

Identity is central

With cloud based directory services, we can help you to centralize user identities across your on-premise networks and your cloud based applications, thus providing you enterprise grade security without compromising on the end user experience.

Go beyond passwords

By implementing multi-factor authentication, we can add an additional layer of security for your business critical data, ensuring peace of mind. Self service functionality for password reset and group management prevent administrator overloads and bottlenecks that can seriously impact productivity.

Productivity on the go

With increasing processing power, mobile devices today carry almost as much data as a laptop or desktop, but remain out of corporate IT control for most practical purposes. With the explosion of mobile applications, there are numerous productivity applications that end users favour, along with mobile app front ends for enterprise workloads.

Secure mobility

With an ever expanding range of mobile devices in a number of form factors, we can help you setup mobile device and application management solutions that will help you to manage and protect your business critical data across all the devices and applications that your employees use.

Unified framework

Starting with mobile device settings and enrolment, we can help setup a simplified mobile device and application management framework that can help you to enforce security policies for apps and devices, thereby ensuring compliance with corporate security policies and industry standard information protection.

Productivity without compromise

Be it single sign-on across cloud applications, persistent information protection across apps and devices, both within the enterprise and with trusted partners, we can help you find the optimum balance between security and productivity with a comprehensive policy based information rights management solution.

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