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Quickly deploy and scale business applications

Quickly and efficiently provision VMs, applications and infrastructure from anywhere in the cloud

Quickly deploy and scale business applications

Avoid capital expenditure and setup costs

Quickly deploy and scale business applications

Pay only for what you need and scale as you go

Quickly deploy and scale business applications

Modernize legacy applications and take advantage of modular, service oriented architectures


Businesses the world over are grappling with rapidly changing business models, and the need to adapt to changing times.  Add to this the need to work seamlessly with business partners and customers across what is increasingly a global marketplace.

Information technology can be a crucial competitive differentiator in such times - but traditional IT architectures are struggling to keep pace with this unprecedented rate of change. The need of the hour is for agile IT systems that can respond rapidly to business demands, and be able to provision robust, scalable capacity.

Quickly deploy and scale business applications

How we can help

Benefit from cloud scale

By moving your applications from onsite servers to the cloud, we can help your business to avoid expensive capital investments on new server hardware, and leverage the cloud to setup a robust infrastructure that can scale up or down as required.

Resilience by design

We can help your business to gain the intrinsic advantage of globally redundant datacenters, eliminating the need for expensive disaster recovery setups, or slow and unreliable backup systems. We can help your business comply with the most stringent compliance and security regulations and ensure that your mission critical data is well protected and secure against any threats.

Quick deployment

With cloud hosted virtual machines, we can provide your business with speed of deployment, flexibility and convenience, while at the same time providing you with easy management, with integration with your familiar on-premise management tools.

Access from any device

Workloads such as databases are good prospects for migrating to the cloud, as we can help you to centralize your data, making it available globally, including on mobile devices. Databases, for instance, are inherently subject to peak usage during specific time periods.

Optimize costs

By moving them to the cloud with intrinsic scalability and redundancy, we can help you optimize on your running costs, while guaranteeing high performance at all times. Most importantly, all these aforesaid benefits can be achieved without losing enterprise IT control, thereby providing you with the best of both worlds - a fully managed, scalable infrastructure that is reliable and secure with granular, policy based access supported by industry leading encryption.

End to end engagement

With increasing cloud datacenter footprints across the globe, we can help your business to adhere local and international government regulations, without compromising on privacy and security. Our engagement does not stop here - we can help your enterprise with continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and constantly optimize your workloads to ensure that you take advantage of continually falling cloud compute and storage costs.

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