Your business needs

Benefit from scalable and resilient storage

Store and manage large amounts of data economically

Benefit from scalable and resilient storage

Scale storage up or down based on needs

Benefit from scalable and resilient storage

Access your stored data from anywhere across any platform

Benefit from scalable and resilient storage

Build resilience by default with globally available infrastructure


Storage requirements have exceeded the wildest of predictions in the past, and given the rate at which structured as well as unstructured data is being generated, storage systems are struggling to keep pace

Building, maintaining and upgrading on-premise storage is an increasingly complex and expensive proposition. Above all is the need to keep data constantly available, backed up and replicated to geographically redundant locations for disaster scenarios. Even the best storage sizing exercises fail to correctly plan for the required storage and this either means you end up with unused capacity, or worse, run out of storage, resulting in unplanned upgrades.

Benefit from scalable and resilient storage

How we can help

Globally available

What businesses need is a globally available, scalable storage solution that is also cost effective and can easily interoperate with various applications through APIs. We can help your business to leverage the massive storage capacity of the public cloud, available in tiered models to suit every budget and business need.

Continuous optimization

Even within the cloud, we can help you to optimize your storage costs by setting up storage policies that automatically move data to the appropriate storage tier, further reducing costs. Security is an obvious concern when it comes to storing data, but with SSL encrypted connections and granular, policy based access, along with encryption, we can ensure that your business data is safely and securely stored in the cloud.

Access anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of public cloud storage is the ability to access any device, anywhere, as well as selectively sync it to various devices. We can help you to leverage these capabilities for your business, and also integrate public cloud storage with your existing applications using simple REST APIs, which are compatible with most clients.

Flexible architecture

Be it storing documents, media files, structured data, real time data or even SMB compatible legacy file storage, we can help you to analyse, plan and design a robust cloud storage policy that is in tune with your business needs.

High performance

Public cloud storage is not just for secondary storage - high performance, low latency disks for intensive I/O workloads running on virtual machines is also available with the cloud, and is well suited for data intensive applications that require high performance storage systems.

Resilient and inclusive

With built in replication available across locally and zone redundant storage options, you have the flexibility to store your data in accordance in the most cost effective manner. Additionally, we can also help you to deploy RDBMS solutions in the cloud with synchronization to on-premise databases that enable you to take advantage of high performance public cloud compute when required.

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