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Enable productivity without compromise

Provide secure access to your employees anywhere

Enable productivity without compromise

Allow for flexible workstyles on devices of their choice for greater productivity

Enable productivity without compromise

Ensure robust data protection for mobile devices

Enable productivity without compromise

Empower new hybrid work models while still staying compliant with enterprise controls


Cloud and mobility have transformed the face of business. Along with the consumerization of IT, mobile devices have literally put the world into our pockets. Cloud hosted applications have enabled employees to literally work from where they are instead of confining themselves to traditional physical office boundaries.

However, this convenience has come at a cost - mobile devices are much more easier to lose, and due to the various platforms and lack of standardization, are notoriously difficult to manage and secure. The question that keeps CIOs awake at night is how to balance the increasingly strident demands from end users for a mobile-everything world, while not compromising on enterprise security and control.

Enable productivity without compromise

How we can help

Unfettered productivity

With cloud based enterprise mobility and security, we can help your enterprise embrace mobility in a secure and compliant manner, while at the same time not hampering employee productivity. Seamless security and compliance policies that integrate your on-premise directory services and cloud based applications ensure that you retain complete control of your business data.

Accommodate every scenario

With an increasing trends towards BYOD, a mobile device is as personal as it is also an official device. We can help you to segregate corporate and personal data in mutually exclusive containers, providing you the ability to wipe only corporate data while leaving personal data intact.

Painless security

By extending authentication from on-premise and integrating it with cloud based directory services, we help your employees to access single sign on functionality across all of their applications and devices, be it traditional PCs or mobile phones.

Reduce complexity

By taking away the complexity of implementing and managing multi factor authentication, we can help your business to adopt more secure means of authentication, thus protecting your sensitive data from misuse. With self-service functionality for common tasks such as password reset, and contact information update, we provide a better end user experience while reducing the dependence on IT administrators.

Secure data

We can add an extra layer of virtually impregnable protection, with advanced functionality such as information rights management - persistent data protection that travels with your data, and works seamlessly across multiple form factors.

Enterprise grade compliance

This also enables you to share and collaborate securely with third parties, while at the same time retaining full control of your data, along with comprehensive usage and audit logs. With the flexibility of end user applied policies or rule based centralized policies, we help your enterprise reap the benefits of enterprise mobility in a cost effective, scalable and easily manageable fashion.

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