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Transform your datacenter

Deliver applications to your employees and control your networks, easily and efficiently

Transform your datacenter

Secure and protect your data

Transform your datacenter

Identify and detect threats before they harm your business

Transform your datacenter

Ensure compliance and adhere to regulatory requirements


Agility is the keyword in today's business environment.  Rapidly changing customer needs and expectations, emerging business models and nimble competitors, often from across the globe, have made it difficult for even the largest businesses and market leaders to maintain their pre-eminence and deliver sustained growth.

With technology becoming a vital cog in an organization's growth and transformation, reliability, scalability and extensibility are the need of the hour.

Traditional on-premise IT infrastructure deployments involve significant capital expenditure, while being expensive to deploy, maintain and upgrade. Adding essential functionality such as high availability and disaster recovery involve exponential increases in investment and add a lot of complexity to an already complex environment.

Transform your datacenter

How we can help

Private, public or hybrid

Starting from a private cloud deployment that enables your current workloads on physical hardware to transition to flexible and scalable virtual environments, we can help you to manage your applications either on-premise or move them to the cloud for cost and scale advantages.

Industry best practices

Whether your strategy mandates a private cloud environment, extensive use of a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment, we can help you with best practices, drawn from our extensive experience in working with customers across multiple verticals.

Focus on your business

We can setup continuous application monitoring, along with automation and workflow to optimize your business workloads. Along with system, service and IT management solutions, our services can help you save precious time and effort and help you focus on your core business.

Save costs

By leveraging public cloud capability, we can help you setup highly available, always-on solutions, as well as save on expensive datacenter storage costs by moving secondary storage to reliable, scalable and cheap cost effective cloud storage.

Secure your business

Our skilled services team can help you overcome typical hybrid cloud challenges with identity, security and access by extending your directory services to the cloud, along with single sign on and multi-factor authentication.

Holistic engagement

With a structured engagement that spans cloud readiness assessments, solution analysis, scope and design to proof of concept and architecture design, you can rely on Quadra's services to make a seamless transition to a modern datacenter that makes use optimum use of on-premise investments, while at the same time leveraging the scale and cost effectiveness of the public cloud.

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