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Profit from big data

Adopt a proactive instead of a reactive approach towards business decision making?

Profit from big data

Spot trends and correct weaknesses before they impact your business

Profit from big data

Gain competitive advantage by leveraging data

Profit from big data

Simplify data acquisition, storage and analysis in a secure and compliant manner


In an increasingly competitive world, businesses need every resource they can gather to compete and grow in the market. Agile, nimble competitors virtually nip at the heels of well entrenched market leaders, upsetting market rankings in a span of few years, or even a few months.

The key to survival and growth lies in data - not just business data, but the ability to combine corporate data with relevant external data sets to identify trends and spots opportunities.

In a connected world, virtually every action is registered and stored digitally somewhere, often in multiple systems. This leads to huge data sizes, analysing which requires stupendous amounts of computing power, out of the reach of most businesses.

Profit from big data

How we can help

Harnessing data

“Data is the new oil”, goes the saying, and information driven businesses are succeeding and creating new markets where even market leaders have failed. We can help you to leverage the power of the public cloud to tame your big data problems in a cost effective manner.

Unified view

By helping you to transform your business data into actionable insights, we can add continual value and explore new horizons - both within your business boundaries as well as beyond. Take for instance, IT security threats - even a mid-sized organization generates millions of rows of audit logs every day across various IT systems, and without intelligent analysis, information security can silently be at risk.

Stay ahead

With advanced analytics on the cloud, we can help you to spot suspicious trends as they emerge, thereby preventing breaches before they occur. Another area that businesses can reap significant benefits from is real time analysis of business data, and with in-memory analytic solutions in the cloud, we can help you to stay on top of emerging trends, without having to invest in expensive hardware and software, along with complex implementation and management overheads.

Rich visualization

This data can be visualized in interactive, drill down dashboards accessible on any device. Other areas for application include social media analysis, real time data from sensors and transactional applications.

Share securely

By helping you gain actionable insights from your data while defining data usage, security and privacy policies, we can empower every employee in your organization to benefit and act on insights, without compromising on security and compliance.

Predictive insights

With pervasive, intelligent and actionable information across the enterprise, we can help put analytics in the context of your business, industry and competitive landscape, and enable you to profit from predictive decision making.

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